Yep. 1World hits 4 Million Members and Counting!

Yep. 1World hits 4 Million Members and Counting!

1World continues its exponential growth by adding 1 million members in Quarter 3 of 2015. Last spring we set target goals to expand our membership by a million members each quarter. And this fall, we hit our target perfectly. Expansion in India and South America has driven this explosion of members. Engaging new content like as quizzes keeps our members coming back to our partner sites for more fun.

1W Member Growth for Q3 2015

We’d like to thank all our members and partners for their participation and for joining us on our journey. Stay tuned for the next big news!

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Jackie Norgord

Expert Community Manager at 1World Online
Jackie Norgord is the Expert Community Manager at 1World Online. She lives in Silicon Valley and holds a BA in English from University of Wisconsin and an MA-TESOL from San José State. In addition to teaching writing, she enjoys travel around the SF Bay and beyond, fine dining, and sport in the Sierras.