Will the Lakers return to greatness next season?

Will the Lakers return to greatness next season?

What happens after the worst season ever?

The NBA playoffs are here and the west coast regulars, the Los Angeles Lakers, are conspicuously absent after their worst season in franchise history. The Clippers have made sure L.A. has a presence in the playoffs though.
22 Career Injuries (2)
While the Clippers have picked up their game considerably, their PR firm is likely reeling from the alleged racist statements made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling. With any luck, the post-season attendance won’t be hit too hard, and neither will the fan energy.

The Warriors, the first round matchup against Los Angeles, have also found themselves in a bit of a controversy recently, with the new proposed arena in Mission Bay rather than the anticipated waterfront stadium. Some have even suggested the stadium’s current location in Oakland is preferable to the planned construction site.

The road to the 2014 NBA Finals is set to be particularly exciting with some stiff competition on either end of the bracket. Will the top seeds make it to the finals or will there be some upsets along the way? And what about next season? There are set to be some major trades in the off-season and the current order could be completely upended.

With some serious wheeling and dealing, the Lakers might be able to return to greatness. Even so, Kobe’s getting old (for basketball), and his extensive list of injuries may keep him out of the game for good. Then again, Kobe’s reputation and perseverance usually exceed expectations, and 49% of the 1World community think Kobe will rebound from his injuries. (Statistics)

Even if Kobe returns to top form 67% of 1World voters think Kobe was signed on for more money than he was worth. Here’s what Anusha Goud, 1World expert and a longtime Kobe fan, has to say: “No one can deny that Kobe Bryant is a star and a future hall of fame legend, but he is simply not worth being the highest paid player in the NBA in this day and age.”

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