Will Flappy Bird Fly Again?

Will Flappy Bird Fly Again?

Flappy Bird laid a Golden Egg

When Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen first made Flappy Bird, he imagined it as a simple game people would use as a temporary diversion during their busy schedules. Nguyen never thought his game would become viral and earn over $50,000 for a single day’s worth of advertising.


Now that much of the commotion has died down, Nguyen has revealed he is considering making the game available again, this time with a warning to player reminding them to take a break. Perhaps Nguyen should have realized the addictive qualities of video games, since the developer blames his poor performance in school binging on the multiplayer shooter Counterstrike.

When Nguyen first removed the game from the app store, the internet went into a fury. Death threats were made against Nguyen, and fake news stories spread proclaiming the Vietnamese developer had committed suicide or been targeted in a massive lawsuit. 1World voters didn’t agree with the developer taking down the app either, with only 40% supporting Dong’s decision to remove the game. (Link to Statistics)

Nguyen’s decision to remove Flappy Bird wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision. Family members and teachers sent messages to the developer, scolding him for releasing Flappy Bird and the negative impact they saw on their loved ones. Nguyen ultimately felt responsible for causing so much pain and deleted the game from the app store.

Some children got so upset with the game they broke their phones, but still felt compelled to keep playing. Flappy Bird may be simple, but it is incredibly difficult. 42% of 1World voters have a top score of 10 or less, and all it takes to end the game is one misplaced tap. (Link to Statistics)

The ever-increasing reliance on smartphones has the 1World community worried and 1World expert Tim Bryce offers these words of caution:

“Do we really need to multitask as we watch a movie? Do children really need to learn technology as opposed to mastering language and socialization skills? It seems to me the human spirit is being programmed and I’m not sure we are going to like the end result.”

Do you think Flappy Bird should be rereleased?

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