Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentines day on a budget

In our office this morning the mention of Valentines Day elicited a series of groans from my colleagues. What is it about this day that strikes fear in the hearts of so many men who I consider to be excellent partners and husbands?

Well guys, here are a few tips from one lady’s perspective.

4 Tips On How To Be On A Budget On Valentines Day:

1. Surprise! Some women love a surprise and some women could care less. If your significant other prefers to be surprised, you will have to get creative, and, you will have to plan well in advance. Reservations at that little romantic hole-in-the-wall will be long gone by February, so put a note on your calendar to make a reservation next September for the big day. If you missed the romantic meal, take a picnic and a trip to the beach, or to someplace with a lovely vista. City dwellers might take the elevator to the top of a skyscraper to watch the city twinkle.

2. Got kids? Kids are wonderful, but they can complicate an evening out. Big nights like Valentine’s Day often mean finding a babysitter is impossible. How about making the kids part of the fun? Invite families with kids to share a couple of pizzas with you and yours. This no pressure evening can mean a lot of fun while it supports your loving home.

3. What if you are on a tight budget? If she is expecting flowers, it’s nice give them. But, rather than spending $80 on a bunch of flowers that will cost $12 a week later, give her a card with tickets for a bouquet of flowers that can be redeemed anytime in the next year. If a pricey dinner is out of the question, try to dine like royalty at home. A couple of home cooked lobsters (or fresh seasonal Dungeness Crabs) with champagne and crusty french bread is the ultimate in decadence. If you take charge in the kitchen, it will certainly be appreciated.

4. No matter what you do, take time to cuddle and tell her how you feel. Share a beautiful poem, a wonderful story or romantic movie, and a couple bars of Chili Chocolate (for spice). Finally, there’s nothing wrong with a plain old Valentine that has your true sentiments scribbled upon it. This will be the biggest hit of all.

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Jackie Norgord

Expert Community Manager at 1World Online
Jackie Norgord is the Expert Community Manager at 1World Online. She lives in Silicon Valley and holds a BA in English from University of Wisconsin and an MA-TESOL from San José State. In addition to teaching writing, she enjoys travel around the SF Bay and beyond, fine dining, and sport in the Sierras.