Top 2016 Marketing Trends in Review

Top 2016 Marketing Trends in Review

Many shifts have taken place in the space of Marketing. From traditional methods like email, to new and innovative forms like ephemeral marketing; “digital” makes it possible for marketing tactics to evolve as consumer preferences continue to change form.
Half of 2016 has passed and we’ve already gotten a sample of what these new trends of marketing have become. Need a refresher? Check them out below:

  1. Customer experience is the way to go. Engagement is one of those buzzwords you continue to hear throughout the industry. Brands are finding ways to capture their audience’s attention through interactive elements- online polls and quizzes being two key examples. These elements allow your brand to be more interpersonal with your audience. Additionally, these units allow you to advertise in a far more “native” way in comparison to traditional forms of in-your-face media. Interested adding some engagement to your marketing strategy? Check out our platform and gain free access to our series of interactive tools.Image 1
  2. Ad block is the dam to your impressions. If your marketing (and revenue) strategy is solely based on ad-banner impressions, you might want to reconsider. Millions of people are using ad blocker extensions in their browsers as web users try to rid their experience of intrusive ads. To work around this obstacle, companies sometimes implement pay walls, and others of the sort, to “force” users to take a particular action to gain access to their site. This could deter your audience from visiting your site again. Solution? Find other ways of advertising that are less intrusive to the user experience.
  3. Virtual Reality is coming soon to an audience near you. It’s hard to believe that VR is here in the flesh- and people are jumping into it faster than expected. As you plan out your marketing strategy for the next few years, consider taking advantage of VR. Remembering that customer experience is essential to your marketing campaign, VR can more-literally show your audience the experience they can get from your brand.models-vr-930x614
  4. Social Media is not a strategy. Many companies are finding out that social media doesn’t work as a strategy on it’s own. It’s utilized as a channel to support broader campaigns, but to rely on it alone is just a recipe for disaster.
  5. Big data is, for lack of a better expression, really big. Time and time again, “Big Data” has made a presence in the ocean of business articles- but the value of data has still been underutilized to this day. Finally, as real-time data solutions have come to exist, data is always there for market researchers to analyze current audience trends. Additionally, each of the pieces of data has been time stamped, which allow marketing analysts to review trends over time. All in all, data is what guides the success to your marketing campaigns. Use it.showmethedatameme

Hopefully this article has given you a concise overview of what to keep in mind for the rest of the year and the later years to come. Good luck to you all and to all the best of success!

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