The Best of 2016

The Best of 2016

We received over 20 million votes on our polls in 2016. We engaged millions of visitors and our widgets were shown over 1 BILLION TIMES! Our membership is now 10 million strong. Our polls can be seen on media outlets around the world, from local blogs to media giants.

At 1World, we know our job is to help you engage your readers while we celebrate your brand.

See the results on the year’s most popular polls below, or to share and compare your expectations for the year ahead.

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Chris Wawra

Content Manager at 1WorldOnline
Chris Wawra an L.A. native living the NorCal life in San Jose. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2011 with a degree in Anthropology and is currently working as Content Manager for 1WorldOnline. Chris also enjoys mountain biking, dance, and other fitness activities.
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