Technology: Security

Technology: Security

With the recent celebrity hack, more smartphone users are becoming cautious over what they share online. Even then, personal data such as credit card numbers, emails,  passwords can be popular targets to hackers. Only a small number of individuals thought that smartphone makers provide a good job at protecting user privacy.

37% think smartphones makers provide a


What can smartphone companies do to have users feel more secure about their phones? When asked, a large number of users reported that they wished their devices would automatically update internet security, so they wouldn’t have to worry about how to secure it themselves.

51% wish that mobile devices


Speaking of security issues in technology, Amazon has sparked buzz when they announced that they may actually start using drones instead of the traditional snail mail to send their packages. Individuals were either very excited, or very against the topic, raising privacy concerns over whether drones would be allowed to fly over their property. A surprising amount of people were interested in the service, compared to those who would rather have a driver send the packages.


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