Seize the Social

Seize the Social

The holidays are fast approaching and as families stock up on gifts and decorations, marketers are busy working with our content teams to stock up on “interactive” and “engaging” content.
Since this content is so great, a simple post on the business blog should generate all the leads, right?


In this day and age, everyone in your target market is engaging in social media. If you think making so much as a blog post will get you traction, you might as well leave your content sitting in DropBox. Without a strategic social media plan in place, your content will have little to no purpose. Note the word “strategic”; this means you can’t just pop a post in Buffer and expect people to come before you. You’ve got to target the right people and make sure that your content is suited to their preferences. You can’t just be relevant; you have to make yourself relevant.

Sure, all of this may seem like common sense- but nonetheless, businesses all over the place have seen marketing dollars wasted on such mistakes. If you need some tips and tricks on how to effectively utilize social media channels, check out Neal Schaffer’s Maximize Social Business.

So let’s say you’ve got great content, but your reach isn’t all that great. If you’re looking to increase your reach, try any one of the 1World Platform tools. Our tools extend the lifespan of your content and create a straightforward way to connect with the minds of your audience–allowing you to spend less time on guesswork and more time creating the content your audience wants.

On that note, just remember social media is the gateway to your audience- so maximize it.
Good luck out there and best wishes!

Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin works on the content team at 1World, blogging away and whittling perfect tweets into being.
Courtney Martin

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