Satya Nadella: The New Face of Microsoft

Satya Nadella: The New Face of Microsoft

Satya Nadella - The New Face of MicrosoftEver since Steve Ballmer announced his departure from Microsoft, the tech world has been speculating who the replacement was going to be. Before Microsoft chose  Satya Nadella, some of the expected candidates included Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford Motors; Stephen Elop former CEO of Nokia; Steve Mollenkopf, the newly appointed CEO of Qualcomm; and Tony Bates and Kevin Turner, both notable Microsoft insiders. But why did Microsoft choose Nadella out of all the candidates? Let’s take a look at what Microsoft’s new CEO has to offer.


What does Nadella bring to Microsoft’s table?

First off, Nadella isn’t just a Microsoft employee—he’s a lifer with over 20 years invested in the company. Satya Nadella has worked in the capacity of VP of Cloud and Enterprise, helped manage Microsoft’s Server and Tools Division, and spearheaded Windows development of Bing. At only 46 years old, Satya Nadella has spent almost half of his life with Microsoft. With his new position at the head of the company Nadella isn’t about to back off anytime soon.

Will Nadella’s experience help Microsoft rise to the top?

Nadella’s success in multiple roles at Microsoft allows him a broader scope of Microsoft at an organizational level and his familiarity with the daily goings-on of multiple departments definitely gave him an edge over his competition. The only major downside in choosing Nadella is his lack of experience running a company.

Why not choose a candidate with CEO experience?

What Satya Nadella lacks in experience, he will gain in mentorship. Bill Gates has announced his departure as Chairman of Microsoft to work hands on with Nadella during the early phases of Nadella’s transition to leadership. Gates’ has created a new position within the company and is expected to play a much more hands-on role as “Founder and Technology Adviser.”

What’s next for Microsoft?

The combined experience of Gates and Nadella will help unify the Microsoft brand image after a slow split during the era of Ballmer’s hit-and-miss leadership. Nadella understands the evolution of computing due to his experience with cloud services and business enterprise, but he also understands the importance of hardware. Some products will be cut and a few will be refined, but within a year or two you should expect to see a much leaner Microsoft with a service-based, multi-platform structure. The new age of Microsoft is here.

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