Space accessible for everyone

Space accessible for everyone

Are you interested in space exploration as well as protecting and preserving our precious mother Earth?

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Space – the last frontier – is becoming more accessible than ever. With government and independent companies racing to provide the public their ticket to space, it is imperative that there is a site where everyone can visit to learn, participate and promote peaceful exploration of space for the benefit of all humankind – That is ROOM’s mission.

ROOM is a space journal, dedicated to space magazine, targeted to an international, modern, forward-thinking audience.

At ROOM you will find articles written by experts, aerospace industry leaders and scientists from all over the world that provide a variety of trending topics, from the latest breakthroughs in astronautics to the environmental challenges of exploring space, from security threats originating in space to the untold history behind famous space missions.

ROOM also informs their audience about the hazards and harmful elements of space that may threaten our planet earth and provides an open forum where experts can offer viable solutions.

ROOM’s editor-in-chief Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli is a renown Russian scientist who founded the Aerospace International Research Centre and is also the Chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space Committee.  Dr, Ashurbeyli and ROOM believe that everyone should have access to information regarding space innovation and earth preservation no matter where you are from, your background or occupation.

Are you ready to learn how you can participate in this new exciting space era?  Join us at ROOM and receive the latest articles about this exciting time in space exploration.

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