May 5th is the first official National Astronaut Day.  Celebrate by joining the Space Nation

May 5th is the first official National Astronaut Day. Celebrate by joining the Space Nation

100,000 people joined the first Space Nation, Asgardia 48 hours after its launch  


Have you ever dreamed of going up into outer Space?  Have you ever thought about the possibility of living there?  Does an independent nation state based not on Earth but in Space appeal to you?  If so, become an official Space citizen and join the first ever Space Nation, Asgardia.

1World is proud to announce partnering with Asgardia to help promote Peace in Space, to protect  Earth from space threats and to build an innovative and  thriving Space Nation.

Space – the last frontier – is becoming more accessible than ever but only to a few lucky ones who can afford it.  In this new era of space exploration, technology is advancing but not at the light of speed and not to all nations and people on Earth.

Asgardia wants to make expansion into and throughout our Solar System possible for all mankind and without the constraints of the state (government).

Asgardia, named after the Norse mythological city of Asgard, a city in the skies and, the “country of gods”, is the realization of man’s eternal dream to leave mother Earth and expand its civilization out into the Universe.  It is a fully-fledged and independent nation based in Space and a future member of the United Nations – with all the attributes that entails such as an elected government operating a constitution with other Earth-bound nations, embassies, and a  flag it will fly when playing its “national” anthem.

Asgardia was launched in October 12, 2016 by the founder of the Aerospace International Research Centre who is also the Chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space Committee, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli. Dr. Ashurbeyli set up Asgardia as a globally, unifying humanitarian project.  Asgardia’s charter is to serve each and everyone equally regardless of race, creed, gender, or wealth and to digitalize the noosphere, creating a “mirror” of mankind in space but without the baggage of the past and inherent divisions among its inhabitants, from politics and religion to nation-states and worldviews.

Within 48 hours of its launch, 100,000 people from over 200 countries on Earth signed up, smashing its initial target.  Since then, Dr. Ashurbeyli has increased that target to 1 million new Asgardian citizens by the end of the year.

Fellow Earthlings, are you in?  Help us  reach that goal before the end of 2017 and become a citizen of the Space Nation. Are you ready to become an Asgardian?  Click here to join now.

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