1World Online Predicts Narrow Clinton Win

1World Online Predicts Narrow Clinton Win


1World’s Triangulation Method Predicts Winner


November 7, 2016 – San Jose, CA – 1World expects Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote by a narrow 1.6 point margin. The 1World prediction follows the same methodology used in the primary season that proved to be one of the most accurate systems for analysing polls and predicting the specific outcomes and margins of victory. Here is the specific prediction for the general election outcome for the entire U.S.:

1World’s research team, led by Chief Research Officer (and University of South Carolina Journalism Professor) Dr. Augie Grant, conducted an analysis that combined the results of eight selected polls conducted among likely U.S. voters since November 1st. The results from each poll were weighted to adjust for sample size and response rate. These results were then adjusted to account for individual candidate trends, projections of voter participation, and allocation of undecided voters. As a combination of weighted results that includes projections regarding undecided voters and short-term trends, the margin of error can’t be determined; but, what you end up with is a simple, numerical projection of the final General Election vote count.

In this primary race, 1World introduces the new Triangulation Method. This methodology includes the use of spot polling on trending aspects of a campaign. 1World uses its innovative digital intelligence platform, which includes tools for polling, surveying, quizzes, debates, and analytics, to collect user responses. Weighted adjustment and spot polling are also used as needed.

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