Presidential Candidate Quiz Results

Presidential Candidate Quiz Results

Our recently released Presidential Quiz uses fact-checked opinions of the candidates to match users to their best candidate. This quiz, featured on SF Examiner, SF Weekly, Naples News, and the 1World blog, was taken by over 10,000 people, and we’ve broken down some of the results for you in an infographic.

In this infographic, we’ve divided responses by gender for you. You’ll see that quite a big difference between the opinions of men and women. For example, 18% more women hope for harsher gun control laws than men, while 20% more women believe religious liberty does not extend to the right to deny goods and services for gay marriage compared to men.

In our infographic, we’ve also featured some of the most popular issues to discuss in today’s presidential race, such as the legalization of recreational marijuana, the Federal minimum wage, and the legalization of abortion.

After reviewing the results, we found that the most-matched candidate was Bernie Sanders, matched with 28% of participants, with Ted Cruz lagging just a bit behind by 1% of participants. Far behind these two top contenders were the third and fourth place winners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with 7% and 4% of participants respectively. 

Check out the results for the quiz below, and if you’re interested, visit our partner ProCon’s page here to see what the top presidential candidates think!

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