Old School is Still Cool: Email Marketing Ups Revenue

Old School is Still Cool: Email Marketing Ups Revenue

Let’s face it—times are changing and there are a million different solutions out there to help marketers connect to their target audience.  Social media channels, for one, are great for marketing campaigns because promotions can be both hyper-targeted and automated. Social media channels also offer instant analytics reports to easily monitor your campaign’s performance.

With all that being said, social media channels might seem like the best choice to deploy marketing campaigns. But let’s not forget good ol’ email marketing.  Email marketing might seem archaic, but it’s still deemed the most effective means of lead generation.

graph for marketing article 2

Email marketing adds a more personal touch to outreach and content management—something that’s been lost in our world of automation. So what’s the best way to optimize your campaign? Deploy it through social media and email! Maximize Social Business has a great article on how to do this effectively.

And finally, you can use 1World polling to see how effective your email campaign is! One simple strategy is to embed our poll widget on the article you want users to engage with. Then, simply add a link or a hyperlinked button to your email and watch the votes pile up!

Our very own marketing team gets great results with this strategy! Here’s an example of our Newsletter with a button linked to a page with our poll widget. This campaign gained hundreds of votes and proved that our users not only read our email, but engaged with our content!

Email Campaign

Our “Read More” button links to our poll widget for instant engagement

So what’s the main idea? Don’t rule out email marketing just yet—it’s still around and quite effective. Good luck, marketers!

Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin

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