More About ‘The Interview’

More About ‘The Interview’

‘The Interview’, yes, that movie starring the famous duo Seth Rogen and James Franco that received widespread attention actually didn’t do as well as everyone else thought. With the incredible media attention the movie received, one would think more people would watch it. Only 33% planned on watching the movie, while 67% had better things to do.  The movie premiere was canceled after the North Korea threats (North Korea threatened to hurt anyone who watched the movie) were taken seriously.  It was later made available online for free via YouTube for a while, then premiered in select movie theaters. Maybe you watched it, maybe you didn’t. For those who watched it and didn’t enjoy it, you aren’t the only ones, as a good majority didn’t think the movie was that good…

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After the FBI determined North Korea at the root of the Sony hacks that included the hacking of the Playstation network, economic sanctions were enforced against North Korea. When asked if more is needed to be done (or in other words, a second set of sanctions be in place), most people did not know, or did not believe so.

48% think the U.S. should isssue a


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