What makes a real winner?

What makes a real winner?

Our world is constantly being organized and categorized in many different ways, but people always want to know who or what is the best at any given time. Who is the top player in the league? Who is going to win the Super Bowl this year? What device will be the market leader? All of these questions are certainly relevant to many different people, but what makes a real winner?

Personal ability, achievement, and dedication all lead to success, and many sports teams rely on superstar players like Kobe Bryant or Nick Foles. But is there a trade off to being the best in your field? Sometimes, superstar status changes people’s behavior and the rest of the team might suffer even though the wins keep rolling in. Remember- There is no “I” in team.

I saw this video recently and I was pretty moved:

I thought it was really cool how the team kept it a secret from everybody, but I was floored by how much it changed the outlook of some of the other teammates who weren’t as interested in the plan to begin with. The “Keith Special” is a play I will never forget, and it literally changed the lives of some of the participants.

So what do you think? Is a real winner the one with all the skills or the one who always gives a helping hand?

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