Is low government approval leading us to open revolt?

Is low government approval leading us to open revolt?

Government Approval is in the Tank

While most political issues have at least two sides, taxes are one of the few issues most Americans agree on. In a recent survey by 1World Online, 8 out of 10 people think we pay too much in taxes. (Statistics) While the taxman has never been the most popular public figure, the rest of the government is rapidly catching up in the arena of public disdain.

Two out of three people disapprove of their representative in Congress, and the numbers look fairly bleak for both parties. 76% disapprove of their job Democrats are doing in Congress (Statistics) and 64% disapprove of the job Republicans are doing. (Statistics) Tea Party Republicans were the only group in Congress who received positive approval ratings in the most recent polls by 1World. (Statistics)


To commemorate tax day, the RNC has filed suit against the IRS for information relating to the denial of tax-exempt status to conservatives. While 69 percent of people think the IRS targeted conservative groups under orders, the suit is unlikely to increase the Republicans’ approval ratings.

Why Approval is Crucial

The current negative perception of the government is a very serious issue. As people’s dissatisfaction continues, there is a serious threat to the community. Just recently in Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management backed down to a rancher who stood up against the agency with an armed militia. The government agency said they acted in the interest of public safety, but the protesters took it as a huge win against the overreach of government.

In another blow to democracy, the Supreme Court also recently lifted the limit on campaign contributions, effectively giving citizens (and corporations) with large bank accounts a bigger voice in the political system. Unless the government seriously works on correcting its image, more instances of open revolt are bound to occur, and next time it might not be a minor dispute over grazing rights.

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