Is Hard Time for Guns and Drugs the Best Answer?

Is Hard Time for Guns and Drugs the Best Answer?

What can we do to stop violence?

Another tragic shooting has occurred, this time a FedEx employee who wounded six of his fellow employees before committing suicide. The incident today comes off the heels of some particularly gruesome school stabbing incidents, both in the states and across the pond. The staff at 1WorldOnline wish all the best for the victims and families affected by these attacks, and a speedy recovery to the injured.

We asked the 1World community how they felt about the continued trend of societal violence, and we received some thought rather thought provoking answers from a number of different perspectives.



In the wake of recent shootings and school violence, 1World asked its members how they think gun violence should be dealt with. While 70% of 1World members don’t think enough is being done to prevent gun deaths of children, only 23% think a legal shooting age should be implemented. Our experts had very different opinions on implementing a legal shooting age. (Statistics)

1World Expert Ed Jones thinks that “keeping this knowledge (of firearms) from a child based solely on the fear that they might hurt themselves or others actually hinders the child’s ability to understand that a firearm is a tool, capable of harming the user and others if misused.”

On the other side of the debate, Andre Broido thinks “it is even more important to teach non-violence, so kids know that killing is a grim duty of trained, supervised professionals who serving the rest of us.”

Even though there is no legal shooting age, 3 out of 4 respondents think school shooters should be tried as adults, most likely due to the heinous nature of the crimes. (Statistics)


While violence in society has become an almost daily event, drugs are another pervasive problem facing the world. Marijuana, still a federally banned substance, has achieved cultural acceptance across most of the country. Methamphetamines are another black market cash crop, and have been the subject of a number of popular television programs, including the award-winning Breaking Bad.

The nation’s drug problem is further compounded by the overcrowded prison system. The United States currently has more prisoners than any other nation in the world, with 2.3 million serving time. Our current prisoner population accounts for one quarter of the global prison population.

Jail Time

Our overcrowded prison population has concerned the 1World population, and 63% think shorter sentences for drug related crimes would end up helping society more than hurting it. (Statistics) Despite a desire for shorter sentences, only 35% think felons should be able to vote. (Statistics) Unfortunately, due to the disproportionately larger amount of minorities given jail time, the lack of voting rights can end up further disenfranchising minority communities.

The concept of American justice is many-sided. Which side of the issue do you stand on?

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