Infographic: School Daze

Infographic: School Daze

Oh say can you… C?

Just this past January, the PISA 2012 Exam results have arrived and boy, does the United States need to step up their game. Here at 1World, we wanted to find out a few things about where the US stands amongst other countries on the Education front. Provided is a neat infographic that sums up a few things from the results in addition to what people think. Check it out- and if you want to be a bit adventurous, join us at 1WorldOnline to cast in your votes and find out more about what people think on the topics important to you! Knowledge is power, people, and oh is it ever limitless.


Infographic: School Daze
Article Name
Infographic: School Daze
Infographic about US education compared to other countries

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