Infographic: Have PEDs ruined baseball?

Infographic: Have PEDs ruined baseball?

Have PEDs changed the game of baseball forever?

This year’s baseball season is now in full swing, and the Yankees are shaping up to be a strong contender even without their power player, Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod’s season long suspension due to the Biogenesis scandal is the largest sentence given to a PED user to date, but the board didn’t give Rodriguez any leniency due to his status as a repeat offender. The Yankees may be ahead right now, but there is a long road to the end of the season and anything can happen.

But what do people think about PED use in baseball? Check out this infographic we put together:

Doping in Baseball (2)

How do you feel about the 2014 MLB season so far? Vote here and see what the world thinks.

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