Polling and the Art of Hacking Untapped Data

Polling and the Art of Hacking Untapped Data

So you want to know how your audience thinks. These days, a content marketer’s job relies on identifying audiences through social media, hyper-targeted content, and leveraging big data to make smart decisions. What if you could know exactly how your audience thinks? What if you could help your audience discover the content that truly matters to them?

1World offers all of that and more with our polling solution and analytics. In this feature, we’ll show you how to cultivate an audience behavior profile using our interactive geomapping, directed audience feedback, and engagement statistics. All of this information can used to improve your campaign tactics across platforms, even the dreaded – but effective! – email marketing campaign.


The Basics

Detailed analytics are great, and we definitely offer them, but sometimes you need to go back to basics. In your client Dashboard, we serve an up-to-the-minute comprehensive health report. Here you can evaluate your account performance by week, month, 90 days and 1 year. This allows you to easily chart success and  track performance over time.

In addition, the ability to compare the volume of new and unique voters helps you gauge how many audience members are actively engaged over time.Blog Image2

Go Global

Wondering where most of your votes are coming from “IRL”? You’re in luck. Our dashboard offers a geographical breakdown of all recorded votes, mapped by density. Get a global perspective on your audience with an overview by continent.

intteractive map

To really dig in, you can also check out the number of votes and users per state or province. In the snapshot below, it’s clear that this partner has high engagement rates in California, with a majority of users responding to multiple polls. This information can be leveraged to hypertarget your content and advertising geographically.

usa interactive cali map

Sharing is Caring

So you’ve got an overview and a geographic breakdown. You’re ready to storm your audience’s virtual gates with provocative polls while you sit back and watch the numbers climb.

Not so fast.

Votes are a great way to encourage and track engagement. But we also offer several other critical engagement features, including content discovery and social sharing. Our “Read More” feature allows you to direct traffic to your content by adding a hyperlink to the poll. You can also enjoy increased visibility when voters share results to social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Blog Image1


The Holy Grail
Last but not least we come to every marketer’s dream: knowing how your audience thinks and hypertargeting according to these preferences. Within your account dashboard, you can explore results on a poll-by-poll basis with our detailed breakdown of user responses.

widget poll stats

In the snapshot above, it’s clear that a majority of respondents favor Apple products. A savvy content marketer could use these results to hypertarget Apple users. An even savvier marketer would leverage this data, in concert with other 1World insights, to cultivate an audience behavior profile. Building a behavior profile means you can effectively tailor your content based on insights from geographic, demographic, and direct response information.

If you’re ready to start knowing and growing your audience, check out our polling solutions.

But don’t stop with polling! Stay tuned for our next feature on how our quiz tool can generate quality leads and convert your readership to sales.

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