Gaming, Polling, and Participation

Gaming, Polling, and Participation

The emerging phenomenon that is eSports has shown that gaming is as much a sport as it is an art. A departure from film and other visual art, games ask the player to make decisions based on the virtual world presented to them. They are no longer an audience – they are now a participant.

A League of Legends match

At 1World, we see a sign that people want to be involved. The concept of polling is related to gaming in the sense that people interact. Advertisements or public awareness campaigns speak to an audience in the same way that art used to. Polls, on the other hand, ask you to participate – or else the poll has little value. We bring awareness to issues by presenting a topical poll, and encourage thought about the end user’s opinion.

We wish to take this concept even further. Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or even stranger that changed your view on the world? Maybe they mentioned some piece of information that you weren’t aware of, or never even thought about. We want to make a similar impact on people’s lives. By asking thought provoking questions that have real value, we hope to make you think about issues that you may have an opportunity to make a change in. We want you to walk away after answering a poll having discovered something new, and perhaps ask the same question in a conversation later on.

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