Five Trends from CES 2014: Early Impressions from 1WorldOnline

Five Trends from CES 2014: Early Impressions from 1WorldOnline

The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest tech shows of the year. This year’s CES is one of the biggest ever, and 1World is on the ground to help you decide what the most important trends and products of the year will be. First up on the list of this year’s trends is…

Automakers are pushing big improvements this year with integrated technology, network connectivity, and advancements in alternative fuel technologies. Ford will debut a prototype of their solar-assisted CMX and Toyota is premiering hydrogen fuel cell technology which is ready to hit the market by 2015.

Stepping away from hardware for a moment, smart cars are about to take off. Google and Audi have announced a partnership that will integrate Android technology within the vehicle’s onboard software to compete against Apple’s iOS in the Car. Too bad an on-board Siri won’t let us drive in the carpool lane.


Wearable technologies are hitting CES en masse this year. Smart watches, smart glasses, smart bras, and smart socks (no, really!) are all there to help you get that extra edge on reality. GoPro will be facing some stiff competition with LiquidImage’s waterproof offerings for scuba, surfing, and winter sports. liquidimage
Google isn’t the only game in town when it comes to smart glasses. There are a lot of augmented-reality glasses being showcased and some are notably better than the iconic Google Glass.
CES Wearable glasses

If you’re a fitness nut, you’re also in luck: smartwatches and fitness bands are now tracking even more biometrics. Need a device that monitors blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns, and exercise goals simultaneously? You might find it hard to make up your mind with so many choices on the market.
CES FitBit

We all want to be live happy healthy lives, and if technology can make it any easier on us, I’m all for it. Like I mentioned earlier, new wearable technologies can help us know what’s going on in our own bodies, but that’s not where it ends. Other devices are dedicated to more specific needs.

Withings has a whole line of network integrated health products, but one that caught my eye is the Withings Aura, a smart pad that you slip under your mattress paired with an ambient noise and temperature detector to help figure out how to get the best rest you can. Another cool device is this headband to help reduce stress, just in case you might not have time (or focus) enough to meditate.
CES Headband

Your living room experience is about to get much, much bigger. 100+” 4K UltraHD TVs are on their way, and manufacturers hope they’ll make a bigger impact than Michael Bay did at the Samsung Keynote. TVs aren’t just getting bigger though, they’re getting more interactive. TV add-ons like HAL/WhyRemote turn your old TV into a smart TV with gesture control and apps.CES TV Gesture

Audio technology is also rapidly moving forward. Audiophiles should be looking forward to Sony’s high-resolution audio devices and home theater enthusiasts will be able to adjust their sound setups much more easily with wireless speakers—there are even some wireless subwoofers coming for that extra oomph!


The next-generation classroom is about to arrive. Individually tailored learning, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and other classroom technologies are one of the major events. McGraw-Hill is revealing a new interface for their SmartBook, an adaptive learning device for higher education. Educational robots may also be added to the classroom, provided they don’t scare the kids too much. robothespian

EdX, a non-profit online learning initiative, is also presenting a keynote speech about the future of education. EdX has previously partnered with Google and high profile universities like Harvard and MIT to provide an open source education for anyone who desires it.

Wrapping up…  what do you think of the up and coming products from this year’s CES? Let us know what products you would be interested in below and check out 1World’s main site for our newest polls.

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