And Maduro has Lost Control

As Venezuela continues to be embattled by protests, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has started to change his tactics. Earlier this week, Maduro urged for peaceful relations between Venezuela and the United States. Maduro’s change in attitude is interesting, especially after expelling US diplomats and media outlet CNN from the country for working against Venezuela just weeks before.

Venezuelan Unrest

The voice of the Venezuelan people have shown Maduro’s hardline response against the protests has left his regime more vulnerable than ever. 1WorldOnline asked its Venezuelan members to share their concerns about their country and the results have been overwhelmingly one-sided.

Shockingly, only 8% of 1World’s Venezuelan members claim to have easy access to basic goods like food and medicine. (Link to Statistics)

66% think political and economic corruption are the reason for the country’s food shortages. 28% believe the lack of supplies are due to government economic policies and only 5% think the shortages are due to opposition protests. (Link to Statistics)

1World’s series of questions also revealed 90% believe human rights in Venezuela have been violated (Link to Statistics), and 92% support the dissolution of the paramilitary groups. (Link to Statistics)

Additionally, much of Venezuela does not have consistent access to electricity with 16% suffering blackouts almost daily and 22% experience blackouts most weeks. Only 18% reported they seldom had blackouts. (Link to Statistics)

How do you feel about the situation in Venezuela?

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