Debate: Startup Nation- Ukraine

Debate: Startup Nation- Ukraine

Every nation wants to find its own way to success, but Israel has managed to find success as a startup nation. As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to spread to the rest of the world, everyone wants to get a piece of the action. Ukraine, even in the midst of its ongoing crisis, claims to have the potential to achieve the same success as Israel but can they really become the next startup nation?

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Chris Wawra

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    Henryk A. Kowalczyk

    Ukraine has everything, except time. It takes time to build a nation. Ukraine never had a chance to breathe on its own; at least in modern times. The present 25 years of independence, it is just enough to get started. Russia intervened just because Ukraine reached the point that it can become successful on its own. It ricocheted at Russia, as it sped up the process of formation of the Ukrainian identity among Ukrainians themselves. Now it is up to the outside world to stop Russia from meddling in Ukraine.

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