Crisis in Mexico: Leveraging Social Polling for World Events

Crisis in Mexico: Leveraging Social Polling for World Events

Social polling technology isn’t just a tool for engagement and market research, but it’s also a great way to obtain real-time statistics on hot topics around the world. Here at 1World, we have leveraged our platform to collect opinions from the people affected by international crises in an ongoing content series we call “Countries in Crisis.”

We first launched the Countries in Crisis project last year during the initial period of the Ukrainian Crisis, and soon after we expanded the project to include Thailand and Venezuela who were also experiencing turmoil. The results we received helped us find out some great insights about what people really thought about the current events in their nation. Check out some of the previous results.

Our latest coverage of Countries in Crisis focuses on the ongoing unrest in Mexico. 1World’s newly opened Latin American branch has been canvassing the thoughts of the Mexican population as well as a wider global audience through a specially created landing page and social media coverage.

So far we’ve reached over 30 million people, garnered over 1 million votes and received over 100,000 shares and likes on social media all in just a few short weeks. See where people across the globe have voted on the issue below.

Crisis_in_mexico (2)
1World is proud to help people around the world share what’s really going on, especially in countries where dangers to the press result in limited coverage. If you want to learn more about the Crisis in Mexico, or if you’d like to take part in this or future events, send us an email.

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