Can Cataclysmic Climate Change Be Avoided?

Can Cataclysmic Climate Change Be Avoided?

A new U.N. report suggests negative effects from climate change can be avoided if the world acts now to substantially reduce carbon emissions. The report will definitely add more fuel to the fire between environmental activists and climate change deniers, especially with the Keystone XL pipeline in the news again.


There doesn’t seem to be much confidence that the U.N. recommendations will be implemented fast enough since 77% of voters at 1World think we should prepare for harsher climate change in the future. (Statistics) In addition, many climate change supporters have been left disillusioned by President Obama due to his lackluster response to climate change.

Interestingly, despite the huge divide between supporters and deniers, 71% of the 1World community believed climate change deniers should not be silenced, despite editorial decisions by media organizations like the L.A. Times. (Statistics)

1World Expert and climate change supporter, Vladimir Starov, explains why climate change deniers should still be heard:

“Unless it is hate speech, all people deserve to be heard. The opinions may be wrong, but this can be determined only after careful evaluation. It may be ‘obvious’ to many that climate change is reality, but people challenging the obvious may cause improvements in climate-change modeling, which may lead to new predictions and unexpected results.”

If cataclysmic climate change is in our future, there will definitely be more Katrinas, Sandys, and Haiyans in our future as well as more avalanches in Everest and Alaskan heat waves.

What’s your take on climate change? Add your voice to the 1World Community and see what the world thinks!

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