Can an Amazon Phone Succeed?

Can an Amazon Phone Succeed?

In case you hadn’t heard, the Amazon phone is coming soon.

More details will be announced at their product debut launch on June 18 in Seattle, but in the meantime, check out their promotional teaser below.


While you’ll just have to take Amazon’s word for it, the big feature shown in the teaser expands the smartphone experience to display 3D images using a combination of motion tracking and multiple front cameras.

Even though Amazon is coming into the smartphone game quite a bit behind the competition, they have the benefit of observing what has gone wrong for their competitors and the experience developing Kindle Fire series of tablets.

Users won’t have a hard time finding apps on the diverse Amazon App store, a problem which faced early adopters of the Windows Phone. Still, according to the 1World community, 46% would consider a Windows Phone for their next device upgrade, so there is a good chance the Amazon phone could also be a success.

Smartphone Splash

Amazon has also announced Amazon Payments, an online payment service to rival PayPal. The service will no doubt be extended to the Amazon Phone which could make shopping the App Store a dangerously easy experience.

Of course, with all the sensitive data stored on smartphones privacy still remains a top priority to consumers. 77% favor remote kill switches on all smartphones, 71% think police should not be able to track users by their phones, and 39% would even try to track down a cell phone thief on their own.

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