Bode Miller breaks down during post-race interview

Bode Miller breaks down during post-race interview

Bode Miller

Post-event interviews are one of the mainstays of the Olympic Games, but can some topics be too sensitive to tackle?

After Bode Miller’s medal-winning performance in the Super-G ski event on Sunday, NBC post race correspondent Christin Cooper threw out some especially tough questions about the four-time Olympic veteran’s deceased brother, Chilly.

By the end of the interview, Bode Miller was left crying and speechless, and Miller’s wife came to walk him away.

Cooper could have broken off the line of questioning from Miller’s brother at any point after the first question, but Cooper never strayed from the first topic.

Miller later tweeted that Cooper was just doing her job and she asked the questions any reporter should have asked, but it seems like there are other more poignant questions which could have been raised.

Do you think NBC’s coverage was insensitive?

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