Best Practices for Poll Placement Means Higher Revenue

So you want to use polling to increase engagement and time on your site. Great! 1World tools will help you do just that. While it’s quick and easy to create polls and deploy our tool, there are a few things to keep in mind if you really want to maximize your benefits and revenue.

Deploy with our Javascript

When you create a widget, our platform generates a unique Javascript code that can easily be added to your site’s code. Our technology is responsive so it’s easy to fit the widget to your site. Avoid using iFrame or DFP; our research on hundreds of deployments shows that using these can reduce your revenue. Stick to Javascript insertion for maximum revenue!

Create Two Separate Widgets

It’s important to start with two widgets, one for under articles and one for your site template’s right rail. You can add as many polls to each widget as you’d like and creating two widgets lets you easily analyze and compare how engaged users are with articles and right rail content.

But don’t have too much of a good thing! Start with just two widgets because our widgets are designed to hold many polls to save you time and generate maximum engagement per session.

Rules of Thumb

Last but not least are a few things to always keep in mind when making new polls.

1. Link all of your polls to your site–this drives traffic to new articles. Some partners triple their pageviews by linking polls to their site.

2. Always tag new polls as public to increase engagement.

3. Tag us @1World_Online when promoting polls on social media!

We’ve put together this infographic for easy future reference!

Best Practices Guide

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