ATW: Love of Travel

ATW: Love of Travel

At 1World, we are always looking for ways to help our partners achieve their goals. For the online publication ATW, we wanted to show the publishers deep and useful insights into their readers. With this knowledge, ATW can in turn offer better and more critical content and advertisements to its audience. We began our research by placing a widget populated with poll questions on the sidebar of the website. Sometimes the poll questions were directly related to the editorial content of the site. Other times, we asked questions that reveal the hopes, fears, and beliefs of the readers. The polls captured an average of 2000 votes per day over a six month period ending June 2014. From this data, we were able to answer the question “How do the readers of ATW travel?”


First of all, the readers of ATW get around

Family is the most important component of happiness among the audience. Travel takes a close second, however.

While traveling, the readers are fond not only of sight- seeing but also local and ethnic food. In most cases, visiting cafes and restaurants play an important part of the tour, and in some cases, the diet habits and usual preferences are ignored. Many readers have stated that trips and holidays they have had in the past, have changed their lives. Most of respondents have a positive point of view towards flying in general but half of those, are afraid of heights.

They like to travel on weekends and they do so once or twice a year. Given the choice, they prefer to vacation internationally than to go on regional or local trips. In fact, most say they will travel internationally in the next six months. Europe is the preferred continent, with Paris being a major destination. When they take a trip, they definitely prefer to travel independently over taking tours. Nearly half of this audience would even like to travel to outer space. Many say they will stay home this summer due to lack of funds. Most find a way to save up for their trips, however.

Travel splash

The audience of ATW is comprised of men and women aged 25-35 years old. This group chooses quality of life over living a long time. They have rich lives with friends and family as the number one focus (travel is in second place). They have a positive view of their futures. They hope to be wealthier one day, but most think love is more important than money (many agree that both are important).

With this information, the publishers of ATW can selectively offer content that is more valuable and interesting for the readers. Advertisers can target the upwardly mobile nature of this crowd and use targeted ads to get the most benefit.

Our in addition to a comprehensive report, our results are compiled in a nifty infographic for easy reference in “Facts about travel preferences of site visitors: ATW.

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ATW: Love of Travel
Article Name
ATW: Love of Travel
The polls captured an average of 2000 votes per day over a six month period ending June 2014. From this data, we were able to answer the question "How do the readers of Around the World travel?"

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