Ads Galore: All You Need is Love

Ads Galore: All You Need is Love

Valentine’s Day is a day for love – be it someone special or just yourself. It’s also a great day for brands to push out marketing materials from things like digital media or discount coupons.

If you’re looking in to whom to target, target men.
Men spend twice as much as women when it comes to Valentine’s Day, spending an average of $158. Here’s the breakdown:

Of course, you can avoid being too “spammy” with your approach by creating more “native ads.” Take our sponsored quizzes for an example. People are interested in taking quizzes, mostly personality quizzes, to either learn more about themselves or use them to help make personal decisions. When working with our sponsored quizzes, brands can become part of these results, which is a sly way of promoting your brand. It’s not too “in-your-face” and it’s a better experience for your audience.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and good luck!


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