9/11: The Mourning Of

9/11: The Mourning Of

Contributed by 1World Expert Kathryn Lacey

Today for me is a memory of a horrifying event. I lived in New York at the time 9/11 occurred. I was wakened by sounds of numerous sirens, and the smell of smoke. I actually thought the house was on fire. I remember running through my house from room to room checking all outlets, the house was old and had, at times, problems with the electricity shutting off by itself. The outlets were all fine then. I ran to the kitchen to check the gas stove. It, too, was okay, but I still smelled smoke and the odor got worst.

So I thought I needed to get my little boy who was still sleeping in my bed and get us out of the house. I had him by the hand and we ran outside onto the sidewalk. Outside was no better, the smell of smoke was even worse–almost choking.
It was a sunny morning but when I looked towards the sky I couldn’t see the sky. What I did see was thick black smoke moving slowly over my head. It was frightening to see. I grabbed my son and ran back inside my house and put the television on, I knew something terrible had happen. What I saw on my television was disturbing and terrifying. The first Twin Tower was collapsing, and the next thing I saw was an airplane fly directly into the second Twin Tower. I remember saying, oh my Lord, what is happening? Are we under attack? Many thoughts raced through my mind, while watching all of the destruction, and hearing about the deaths of many people who were in both towers. People were running on the streets, trying to get to any place they thought would be safe.

Nothing else all day long and night was on television, but the images of the Twin Towers being destroyed by these two airplanes. Many television stations were blacked out. The sounds of sirens reigned throughout the day and night, and this continued through the following days.

This is how I remember 9/11. I can’t seem to get these images of destruction out of my mind. 9/11 is still very fresh in my mind, as if this event is happening today, when this day comes around every year. Many lives were lost that day, innocent people going on with their mornings as usual. My heart still goes out to the people who lost their lives that morning 9/11 occurred. And to the their families, I pray that you will find peace.

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