5 reasons to give Google+ another try

5 reasons to give Google+ another try


When Google+ was first released did you try out this new network like I did and think to you’re self “this is not as good as Facebook” and “where are all my friends?”.

I said the same things as you, that is up until when I started looking more indepthly into the uses and potential of Google+, and let me tell you it blew me away!  I’ll admit it, I am a huge Google+ fan now.  It is to the point that I would actually legitimately consider walking away from Facebook entirely, that is if it wasn’t for the fact that family, friends and connections with and for work are still on there.  But the nice thing is that I have found a way to post out from Google+ to my other social media avenues thanks to+Mike Elgan.

Here are my 5 reasons to give Google+ another try:


    • A Google+ hangout is essentially a free video chat service that allows you and up to 9 others to video chat with one another.  You are able to show Youtube videos, collaborate on a Google doc all from within the Hangout, and these are just a small number of uses for this service.


  • Another killer feature that I wish more people and companies would realize and use is the Hangouts on Air feature (HOA).  Essentially a HOA lets you live stream your Hangout to Youtube.  At the same time as it it is doing this it is recording the hangout to Youtube for viewing after the Hangout is over.  The potential for this is endless, but I’ll save that for another blog post!


    • If you have a blog or are a web developer of any kind you really should stop and read this.  Have you ever wondered why you see people’s pictures under their web site links in a Google search? Thats Google authorship.  It’s great for giving a personal touch to your links, because people trust people.


    • But it does not stop there it also helps build your ranking on Google’s search.  On top of that Google starts to see your content as being an authority on whatever subject your posting on.


  • One last thing that I have heard that Google authorship does is help stop  some one from copying and pasting your content and calling it their own. If some one was to do this Google will realize it and in search will attribute the author as you.

+Mark Traphagen does a wonderful job at walking you through setting up the rel=author feature on your web site. If you need help with a wordpress.com site I can walk you through that.

Image from greenhostit.com
Image from greenhostit.com

Have a passion? Look no further than to Google+!

    • If you have the impression that Google+ is a ghost town you are sorely mistaken.  I would argue that you are just using Google+ the wrong way and have misguided views of the site.  +Christina Trapolinio  wrote about adjusting your perspective from Facebook to Google+.


  • Google+ is all about passions. Within the network you can easily connect with like minded people.  All you have to do is search in the search bar at the top for what you are interested in.  People to follow will appear and same with posts.  If you start to contribute to those posts (comment, +1) and post your own content people will start to pay attention to you and follow you back.

The next web has a really good article about connecting with others on Google+

You will never see a Ad on Google+

  • Unlike Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin and really any other social site.  Google makes money else where and has no need for putting ads on Google+.  All of the other social sites will have to put more ads on their sites and mobile apps in order to generate more income to satisfy their investors. That runs you into a big problem. People don’t like ads. As famously said in the Social Network (Irony?) “You don’t want to ruin it with ads because ads aren’t cool”

Communicate with others outside the network from within Google+

    • Have you ever wanted to get some one’s attention on Facebook or send a beautiful looking email Event to some ones email address? Well with Google+ you can do that. Google has changed how you can notify people via email, +Ronnie Bincer has info about it here, you can read more here. But in essence you can check a box when posting to your circles that sends to the person’s email address.  This also works if you mention the person in a post. Some times I just share posts with only one person like a email or message.


  • With Events its very easy to make a very good looking event email, which if you check the same box when posting to certain circles it goes to their email addresses.  Over all I think it is a very unused feature.

So I hope after reading these different reasons it will make you want to give Google+ another try. If you have any questions about how to use Google+ please don’t hesitate to ask me, because if I don’t know I can always find people who do know :-).

Need help with Google+? Go here!

After reading this do you want to give Google+ another try?

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