5 Reasons Telegram is better than WhatsApp

5 Reasons Telegram is better than WhatsApp

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, the entire world was shocked. Not only was the WhatsApp acquisition the largest in Silicon Valley history, WhatsApp was run by a lean crew of only 55 people. While those lucky 55 employees will be able to enjoy an early retirement, the WhatsApp brand may not fare as well in the long run.

Shortly after the WhatsApp purchase was announced, the service went down for a few hours and users started to migrate in other services by the millions. While WhatsApp restored their service within hours, the damage to the brand was already done—WhatsApp became the poster-child of a sluggish corporate behemoth. Even though Facebook managed to boost its user base and eliminate one competitor, it may have created tougher competition for themselves.

Telegram is one of those competitors, and during the WhatsApp outage, Telegram got almost 5 million new users. If you’re new to Telegram or looking for an alternative option for your messaging needs, here are five reasons you can’t miss out on the Telegram Experience.


Telegram was developed by Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the men behind the Russian social network VKontakte. The app was created to allow a messaging platform that could not be accessed by Russian Intelligence operations. The Durov brothers are confident enough in their cryptographic skills, they are offering $200,000 dollars to anyone who is able to identify an exploit in their system.

No Ads

The Durov brothers designed Telegram as a messaging platform, and that is how they want it to stay. There are no plans to turn Telegram into a revenue building service, and according to its creators, Telegram will never feature in-app advertisements.

No Corporate Interests

You’ll never need to worry about a big company swooping in and buying out all your user data if you use Telegram. The Durovs plan to run Telegram indefinitely with their own money, and plan to convert the app to a donation-based model like Wikipedia if their bank accounts ever run dry.

Extra Privacy

Even if Telegram operated solely off user donations, it may be a worthy investment. Telegram’s chief offering is security and there are two distinct levels of encryption. Regular Telegram chats, while encrypted, can be accessed across multiple devices.

Secret chats are set to “self-destruct” after a certain amount of time, like Snapchat pictures, but the encryption is only accessible between the two devices and is not accessible by any third-parties, not even Telegram administrators.


The final reason to choose Telegram as your regular messaging app boils down to politics. Telegram offers an experience that you can seldom find nowadays—personal privacy. We all take for granted the fact we are constantly being watched by big government and big business, but why is that our only option? Telegram offers you more than the ability to send messages to your friends—it lets you reclaim a portion of your stolen privacy, and privacy, like Telegram, should not be for sale.

5 Reasons Telegram is better than WhatsApp
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5 Reasons Telegram is better than WhatsApp
Don't like the idea of WhatsApp being bought by Facebook? Here are five reasons to switch to Telegram, a much more secure messaging service.
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