6 things you may have missed last week

6 things you may have missed last week


1WorldOnline wants to keep you informed of what’s going on in the world. Check out some of the stories you may have missed this week!

1. Did you know atheist “churches” have started to pop up in some major cities around the world for Sunday services? Has atheism taken the plunge and become its own religion?

2. Isn’t having to go to work bad enough? In 2014 some employers will start to fine workers for being unhealthy! Do you think that’s fair?

3. Is hunting about being outdoors or bagging some big game? Should hunters have drones as their eye in the sky? Colorado doesn’t think so!

4. Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? How do you present yourself?

5. The drug testing labs in Russia and Brazil have both lost the accreditation of the World Anti-Doping Agency ahead of the World Cup and the Sochi Olympics. Do you think the host country should be responsible for the testing?

6. Kobe is back to team practice with the Lakers! Will his Achilles heel prevent him from making a full comeback?

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