1World Online Announces International Advisors and Offices

1World Online Announces International Advisors and Offices

February 10, 2015 – San Jose, CA – 1World continues its momentum and international growth for 2015 with the announcement of seven new equity-holding advisors to its advisory board and the opening of new international offices.

The new advisors to the prestigious 1World World Advisory Board include:

Mr. George Hara and his firm, DEFTA Partners, are the lead investors in 1World’s latest financing. Hara will advise and lead initiatives for 1World in the Japanese market.

Mr. David Schlesinger will champion 1World’s entry into Asia, in particular into China. Mr. Schlesinger was the Chairman of Thomson Reuters China until August 2012, and was previously the global Editor-in-Chief of Reuters News Agency. He holds a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting.

Mr. Sean Koh will facilitate 1World partnership initiatives in Korea and the entertainment industry in general. Mr. Koh is a third-generation Korean family industrialist and successful modern-day capitalist.

Mr. Gregory Mark Hill and Mr. Peter Saulnier, principals of Merchant Banker GCH Partners, will advise 1World on Social Impact implications of the 1World platform. They will also select strategic partnerships, and advise on pre-IPO and mid-market considerations.

Mr. Richard Hecker, a New York City digital media technology veteran and founder of Traction & Scale, LLC, will help 1World with business development and strategy.

Mr. Dan Reich is a New York City entrepreneur, a writer for Forbes, and a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Reich co-founded Spinback which was acquired by Buddy Media which in turn was acquired by Salesforce.com

Mr. Gene DeRose is a Research and Online service industry veteran, ex-CEO and President of Jupiter. Mr. DeRose is now Managing Partner of NYC-based 1World Ventures.

The new members join the current 1World advisor board, started in 2012, which includes Matthew Le Merle (General Partner, Keiretsu Capital), Rob Enderle (famous tech analyst and writer), John Ricci (head of US Angels), Kira Makagon (CTO of RingCentral, Scopus, Octane Software), Greg Kahn (media and technology consultant), Michael Minkevich (VP, Technology Services at Luxoft), Nate Williams (former Google executive), Ted Sanford (founder and CEO Flashsoft), and Dr. Augie Grant (renowned researcher and writer).

1World’s engagement applications, which will support over a dozen languages by the end of 2015, include content and analytics tools that allow web-based operations to better engage their audiences, conduct customer analytics and market research, and enjoy various monetization programs. The benefits of using the 1World solution are an increase in user session times and page views, an ability to attract returning visitors, methods to accurately discover visitor opinion’s, and the power to effortlessly collect valuable data for advertisers, sponsors, and partners. Already present on over 500 web sites around the world such as Reuters, The Huffington Post, San Francisco Examiner, The Blaze, Peru.com, Mexico2014.com, Liga.net, Global Editors Network (GEN), the Reuters Foundation, Blog Catalog (the largest blogging network in the world with over 400,000 member blogs), and Project Syndicate (a site which features editorial opinions from world-famous experts from around the world), Le Tribune (France), and El Universal (South America’s leading publisher). The 1World user-friendly platform offers an expansive suite of features and online product modules for publishing-focused or high-traffic web sites.

1World, headquartered in San Jose, CA, opened regional offices in New York and Boston in early 2014. Internationally, in the second half of 2014, 1World set-up its second European office in UK (adding to the two-year old office in Ukraine), established an office in Mexico to cover all of Latin America by acquiring Flipter.com, began operating an India office with locations centered in Gujarat and Mumbai, built an affiliation with George Hara and Defta Partners to cover Japan and China. New clients and partnerships will be announced in 2015 by 1World’s new advisors David Schlesinger, Donald Yu, and Gregory Mark Hill.

1World has always had an international ambition and focus. Worldwide reach has become a major differentiator the company enjoys as 1World is propelled to #1 status among its competitors, as measured by the independent Alexa rankings. 1World’s Global Exchange network uniquely allows for syndication of online opinion gathering apps: polls, debates, quizzes, surveys, or info-graphical interactive apps. These products enhance user/visitor engagement while conducting market research and audience analytics. Please contact 1World if you want to increase engagement on your web site, increase audience insights, and add new revenue models to your business. International or multi-lingual web site partners are welcomed.

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