1World Online: 1,000 Partners Strong

1World Online: 1,000 Partners Strong

What do people really think? That’s the question 1World Online set out to answer when we first started building our platform, and it’s a question that will always be relevant— especially for businesses, publishers, and political campaigns.

This week, 1World is proud to announce we now have 1,000 partners in our database and even more sites deploying our solution worldwide. 1World’s complete suite of tools allow publishers, brands, politicians, and more to engage their audiences, obtain valuable feedback, and create new revenue opportunities through social polling, viral quizzes, informative debates, and innovative research tools.

1World provides a truly global solution, with support for 18 languages from all around the world. Our newest global partners include: Wprost and Do Rzeczy (Poland), OneIndia (India), Pravmir (Russia), TravelMindSet (US), Meduza (Latvia), and Provincia (Mexico).

On behalf of the 1World team, we’d like to thank all our new and existing partners and extend an invitation to anyone interested in using our tools. Register to become a partner now and experience all the benefits offered by 1World Online.

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Chris Wawra

Content Manager at 1WorldOnline
Chris Wawra an L.A. native living the NorCal life in San Jose. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2011 with a degree in Anthropology and is currently working as Content Manager for 1WorldOnline. Chris also enjoys mountain biking, dance, and other fitness activities.
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