1World Helps New Partners Get a Leg Up on the Competition

1World Helps New Partners Get a Leg Up on the Competition

1World’s media partners love our engagement tools and the ability to add new revenue opportunities to their properties. We want to extend a big welcome our new media partners from the month of November into our global ecosystem.

We’ve recently started our expansion internationally into the Indian region, in addition to our publisher development stateside.

From India, we’d like to recognize APHerald– a new generation of online media, staffed by a team of dedicated journalists team with over 350 combined years experience from both print and television news teams.

We’d also like to recognize our new US partners: DudeComedy, MMA Weekly, and five sites from the MKE Network.

DudeComedy produces fun new content every day. If you need a breather or a laugh, check them out.

MMA Weekly is the most popular independent MMA site out there. In their first weekend MMA weekly generated thousands of additional page views with 1World’s tools. Check out some of their recent results below.

43% (2)

The MKE network has a collection of sites ranging from food to college tips, to viral topics. Check out their sites here: Viral Fact, Food Chinese, Undergrad Succcess, WannaSmile, and Insane Visions.

You don’t need to have a large audience to start improving your site’s performance, so check us out and give us a try!

Contact us for more information or become a 1World partner now and tap into the value of your audience.

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